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Aranya & Amenities
Aranya &  Amenities

Aranya Farmland for sale in Bangalore – “A ‘WEEKEND GETAWAY’ within Bangalore Urban Limits”.

Farmland for sale in Bangalore

Here, we will explain about the uniqueness of Aranya Farmland. Aranya farmland is a project which is currently under construction in 2 locations which is within easy driving distance from Bangalore. If you are in search for a farm house in a resort like environment or a person interested in farm stay, this blog would interest you.

You can contact Aranya Farmland to purchase your plots by visiting our website or by simply dialling +91 73383 99998.

NOTE: This project is currently under construction.

About Aranya Farmland for sale in Bangalore

Aranya Farmland propose a farm land style resort project in a beautiful natural atmosphere, spread across acres of land located in Anekal and Lepakshi. The project has commenced and you can buy small plots (4800 sq. Feet upto 9,600 sq. ft) in this farmland, build your eco-friendly mud block farm house and can avail the amenities available. This farmhouse can be your weekend spot and also you can rent it out as holiday homes for couple of nights if interested. Have fun in ease and peace without worrying about building and managing your farm house.

The farmland provides you with lots of indoor and outdoor activities that make “Aranya” an attractive spot for your weekend.

Aranya Farmland for sale in Bangalore – “Anekal”

Aranya Anekal is approximately 42 km from Bangalore City Centre. Depending upon the traffic and your location in Bangalore, it may take up to 1.5 hours to reach this place. It is just 25 minutes drive from ELECTRONIC CITY. The project surrounds by beautiful tourist spots like Muthayala Madavu also known as Pearl Valley Dam a place with waterfall and ponds, Pearl Valley Shiva temple etc. The upcoming IIM is just 5 kms from the project spot. Own your plot in Anekal, Bangalore – For more details on the plots available and price please contact us at – +917338399998.

Aranya Andhra Pradesh – “Lepakshi”

The project in Lepakshi is located close to Karnataka Border, in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Aranya Lepakshi is approximately 128 km from Bangalore City Centre and it may take up just 1 hour approximately to reach the destination from Bangalore Airport Toll Plaza. The place surrounds by hills and is a tourist spot with nearby places to visit like Veerabhadra Swamy temple that is built in the 16th century. The temple is built in Vijayanagara style architecture with lots of carvings and paintings at almost every exposed surface of the temple. Other nearby places are Lepakshi Nandi temple, Jatayu Theme park etc. The place is worth a visit.

 Amenities in Aranya Farmland

Aranya Farmland by “Esha’s Group” is currently under pr. Some of the best features of this project are:

1.     Gated community

Aranya farmland is built within a gated community fenced with mud block. Aranya forms of residential community who stick to natural living as much as possible.

2.     Houses of mud blocks with no plastering

One of the main motives of the developers is to bring you closer to nature. So, in Aranya Farmland you are privileged to have your own eco-friendly house that can be built through the developers with interlocking mud blocks or any other natural building mode.

3.     Surrounded by 365-degree view of natural beauty

The land is surrounded by hill and trees that you can spend your time to relax and enjoy your time with your family. The land can be a perfect spot for your weekend time to relax and stay away from the air and sound pollution.

4.     Houses with wooden windows and doors

As we have already explained that the houses is built with mud blocks, we also use the wooden doors and windows to make it more eco-friendly and provide a traditional touch to the house both inside as well as outside.

5.     Roofs of clay tiles & natural floorings

We have a plethora of products and processes from which you can choose your ideal roofing and flooring.

6.     A Home vegetable garden

Living in an apartment having a private garden is just a dream. That dream comes true in ARANYA. We also take care of your garden in Aranya Farmland so that you can enjoy the same harvest of fruits, vegetables and flowers even the next day of your arrival from a two months vacation elsewhere.

7.     Artificial lake

We are also building our own lake. Dream of a place where you can sit waterfront with your family – It is ARANYA

8.     24 hrs security and surveillance

Being away from your farmland or farmhouse you need not have to worry because you are within a gated community with 24 hours security and surveillance.

9.     Club house

Another feature of purchasing the plot is that you can enjoy your time in the club house.

These are to name a few, and more shall be featured in the project when completed. Own your land in Bangalore, before the time runs out.

Take a break and go away from the busy path of your life. Go wild playing traditional Indian games like hide & seek, Gilli Danda, flying kites, etc. Experience your life with nature at “Aranya” farmland for sale in Bangalore, a farmland resort in Bangalore that you can own.

Aranya Farmland for sale in Bangalore

Nature is a place of mysteries on earth with various forms of mountains, rivers, oceans, and earth itself. “Aranya” the farmland for sale in Bangalore can be your weekend gateway, which can endeavor person living in cities or for those who yearn to relive the blissful simplicity of their childhood days.

There are lot more to enjoy than these words we explained in Aranya Farmland. Bring out your family from the four walls of busy city life. We welcome you to real beauty of nature, own your farmland plot in Bangalore before time runs out.

To know more about the land please visit us at our website or dial +91 73383 99998.

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