87,120 sq.ft of Peace

Stay a Little, Live a Lot


Eco Friendly construction

An array of eco friendly sustainable construction methods are ready with us for you to select from. You can even come up with your ingenious ideas on eco homes and we will guide you to build your green home.


Green cover

The total project site is homogenously green and not crisscrossed by boundary walls. Creeper fence guard the privacy of the property. The whole land is canopied by trees planted and maintained by us. 8 trees both hardwood and fruit bearing are minimum in every plot of 5000 sq ft. The farmhouse does not grow beyond 1000 sq ft land leaving abundant green land for you.



A vegetable garden organic and unblemished is mandatory for all homes. We welcome you to make it exotic even. Our support with herbal tonics promoting growth and resisting pests is guaranteed. You are “foodscaping”  your farmhouse.


Private Pond

Every home shall have a private pond. Your creativity can turn it to a koi pond, lotus pond, ornamental ponds or water garden. We are here to assist you to enliven your imagination.

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