Impacts of Smartphone on Students

Impacts of Smartphone on Students
Impacts of Smartphone on Students

Aranya farmland, the Eco friendly home in Bangalore is not just a place to grow agricultural crops. We provide you with a land that keeps your mind away from the clamour of city. This land can be a weekend spot for your family to enjoy the nature. Being an 80’s kid most of you have played lots of outdoor games. But the kids of the present have already been addicted to sitting inside the house with no interest of going out for playing some outdoor games. Knowing or unknowingly we parents have also been supporting them. There are lots of interesting outdoors games that we could teach our children so that they can come back to the roots of nature to enjoy their childhood days and also they can be a guide to show the path to the next generation.

Eco friendly home in Bangalore

Aranya – eco friendly homes in Bangalore is in a land with lots of amenities that you could utilize to bring back your nostalgic moments of outdoor games that you could play with your kids and family.

India had lots of traditional outdoor games that were played even before our forefathers. You could see even when reading the religious books like Ramayana, Mahabharata etc you find them to have played lots of outdoor games. The children of present generation are not aware of most of these traditional games. Children of present generations are much more interested in video games and smart phone. The Television also known as “Idiot box” has made most of intelligence skill of our kids idle.

Changes due to smartphone

Telephone was invented for communication but now it has upgraded a lot. In present time, phones are not just for communication, it is has further functions. Functions such as – paying your bills using application, camera for capturing your moments and capturing videos, a portable form of television, hearing music’s, playing games etc. There are N numbers of purpose and still there are many features that are yet to come in future. They all have their own importance in our life too. But are these gadgets that are necessary for our kids to grow with? We already know harmful radiation emitting out of these devices. As a parent, it is our responsibility to take away these gadgets from our kids and let them play in nature. You make a visit to eco friendly home in Bangalore in a beautiful setting that maybe very interesting for your kids to explore.

Harmful effect of Smartphone on students

In today’s daily life a day without Smartphone is unimaginable. The Smartphone has made our daily life simpler. With the use the smart phone, we could easily simplify our works. But it still has lots of downsides, so using of smart also have a negative impact on students.

Being an 80’s kid, you may be mostly playing the outdoor games at the free times and also have a joyful communication with your parents and friends, but how are the present kids? Do they have time for socialisation? The Smartphone evolution has killed the relationships. Most of us i.e. including parents & kids have found to prefer communicating with friends in social media rather than spending time together. And even at a get together you could see most of us like a symbol of Facebook “f”, bending down our head into the phone mostly.

Here are a few serious impacts on kids using Smartphone:

Spelling errors

Students who use the Smartphone have made their own English abbreviations. Spending more of the time in world of Smartphone, I think they could invent third form of English language like British or American English. This is because of the abbreviations used while texting for instance: “You” most of us chat as “u”. And in some researches carried out, it was found, Smartphone usages have led to the failure of some students in English language. Other languages included in this category are all affected.

Day by day kids interest of reading books are diminishing as most of the youngsters are immersed in their Smartphones. Only a few are trying to put Smartphone to a good use.

Mathematic calculations

Doing simple mathematics is now very difficult for most of children’s as well as parents because we never take time in calculating with our brain!!! We just scroll into calculators in the phone and get the results. For instance when someone wants to know the result of 432 divided by 2, we heads over to the calculator app and input the values and gets the results. This affect the kids too because they don’t have the option to use calculators in exams so when using the calculators at home it will result in their examinations.   

There are lots of outdoor games that are entertaining and can help your kids in growing with taking maths as fun. Bond with your kids in nature with Aranya farmland, the Eco friendly home in Bangalore and let them know maths is not a subject to be afraid of.

Entertaining with smartphone

We all do the habit of watching movies in our smartphone. Watching movies is not a bad thing. As said, there is need of moderation while indulging. But overindulgence can result in performance of your kids in schools. It is also proved that person who overindulges in smartphone can have depression.

Eco friendly home in Bangalore

We all have the practise of scribbling in our phone for at least once in an hour. But being a parent it is our responsibility to save our kids from the harmfulness of smartphone. Thinking on side it has lots of advantages but one the other it does has have lots of disadvantages too.

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