A Garden within your apartment

A Garden within your apartment
A Garden within your apartment

Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore

Aranya Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore is a gateway to your weekend for spending your leisure hours with your family. The land is not just farmland – it’s a space that we provide you with your choice of having a house build of interlocking mud block for an extra cost. This house can be an extra income for you in the future as it can be rented out for your extra income. To know more about how what and when about our project please click on http://aranyaestates.com/ or contact us +917338399998.

Histories on world wars have shown that armies have encouraged citizens to “sow the seeds of victory”. Every person were expected to convert their land which is idle into gardens; for planting, fertilizing, harvesting and storing their crops as food resource to the troops.

Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore

In present, we face another critical situation “COVID-19”. As of now India’s almost 1,981 patients have been died by this pandemic virus. It’s a huge threat that in case farmers and grocery workers get affected by this virus, as if they fall to coronavirus then our food supplies will also fall. So, it’s a good time to create your own garden to support and fight against coronavirus. It can be fun as well as a hobby after the quarantine period comes to an end.

In this blog we helps the beginners in gardening to give an idea of gardening, in later if you’re passion for gardening increases visit Aranya Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore. So, let’s start –

Gardening within your space

Due to the social distancing, large gardens are not a good viable option right now. As well as, in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi etc. the space available for gardening are not much for many residents. This doesn’t mean you have no space for your garden, grow your own micro-farms with window sills, porches, balconies and fire escapes.

1.      What exactly

First step is on planning what exactly you want to grow in your garden. This involves when, what & how much to grow. A sunny window sill is one best example for growing and maintaining is also much simple than outdoors gardens. But keep out of reach any outsiders as they can steal your grown vegetables.

You also want to know the sunlight that is available for the plant.  A garden with partial or full sunlight will help you to grow much more varieties of plant. If you are not sure of the whether the light is sufficiently received or not for your garden you can use a light meter like Hydro farm LG17000. In case, if you don’t receive sufficient sunlight you may consider purchasing and using a hydroponics setup.  

So, if you are still confused on what to grow contact us – Aranya Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore.

2.      What to grow

This is one of the fun parts – deciding what to grow. If your sunlight is limited or just a beginner in gardening, then you may start with something easy like herbs or green leafs. They’re simpler; they don’t require much of the sunlight and will grow seemingly. Having access to more sunlight to your micro garden, there many variety plants to grow. Here are few lists of Plants that grow in your pots – Carrots, garlic, tomatoes, onions, chillies, peppers, snow peas, and radishes. Normally the plants or fruits grow as per geographical region and climate. So, you should have better plan and schedule of which plant to be grown at the moment. Thus, schedule a plan for month by month.

3.      Collect your seed

The next activity is to find your seeds, as well as soil, fertilizers, pots and other tools required. Due to quarantine home delivery of seeds is not a category of essentials so pickup and delivery of seeds while ordering online is not functional. Try getting some seeds from your neighbours.

You can pop seeds in a bucket of soil and wait for the best to happen. You can also use a seed tray to get them growing. Or else thinking out of the box, you can bring your own creativity like growing in egg shells or in rolled up newspaper.

4.      Transplanting

Once your greens sprouts are growing good, you will have to transplant them to a bigger pot but before transplanting, it’s better to make sure that the soil conditions are perfect.  

If you are not familiar with transplanting the plants don’t stress, it’s a delicate process. You can find many videos in YouTube regarding the transplanting.

You don’t actually want pots to grow your plan. Also, you can use classic fire escape window as garden but blocking the emergency exterior can be deadly. It can be life threatening by slowing down the people attempting to get out of fire in the building.

5.      Final stage

Once you’ve necessary items to plant your seeds, you should take well care of your garden. Spending a lot of time and money on the garden and not giving it good care is a shame to waste that investment by not properly caring for your plants. Gardening is not a rocket science that was even done at Stone Age in 12,000BC.

If you still have doubts to clarify or want more ideas visit Aranya Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore.


Gardening can be a source of income if your passion grows with your gardening. You can try using soft sack pots that is much lighter and easy to take while in case of changing the garden. You can also try using wall garden which can be also be called as vertical garden that mounts to wall.

Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore

If your passion increases then the gardening can be an income for you. Aranya Agricultural land for sale in Bangalore can be the exact place for your leisure hours and growing passion for gardening.

To know more about how, what and when about our project please click on http://aranyaestates.com/ or contact us +91 7338399998.

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