Agricultural land for sale in Anekal

Agricultural land for sale in Anekal
Agricultural land for sale in Anekal

Aranya farmland is an Agricultural land for sale in Anekal Bangalore that we came with concept of introducing many people to farming. In a city like Bangalore, place for farming are rare to be seen. If you are a person who has been staying with your family in apartment then your kids may have rarely seen farming. Introduce your kids to the real nature; let your kids know the real magic of nature. Let us bring back the organic farming and be free from chemicals. To know more visit our website – or contact us @ +91 73383 99998.

Dairy farming in India

Dairy products play a vital role in our food habits. In Indian economy commercial as well as small scale dairy farming plays an important role. In India almost all regions are suitable for dairy farming. Indian farmers are not much aware of the modern technologies available for dairy farming methods; they still follow the traditional methods. Due to this unawareness, many farmers are mostly losing their income instead getting. For any farming a proper plan, well management and care is a must for increasing their production and making profit out of it. In this blog we discuss shortly on setting up steps and some problems of dairy farming. 

Agricultural land for sale in Anekal

Dairy farming is considered as part our Indian culture. And thus, we also consider it as traditional business. India has a wide scope for dairy product that you don’t have spend more on marketing your products.  You can sell your dairy products easily in almost every place in India. As well as, dairy products are always in demand throughout the every year. This sort of farming does not harm the environment.

Starting a dairy farming does not require highly skilled labour and you can easily setup your small scale dairy farming. With a proper plan and management, it can ensure maximum income for you. There are lots of cow breed that is both native and also foreign, almost all breeds are suitable for farming depending upon the climatic condition of India. You can also avail loan from NGO’s or Banks for dairy farming in India.

Tips before starting a dairy farm in India

Starting a dairy farm in India in not so easy, you have to go through various steps for setting up a dairy farm.  Here are few tips to follow –

  1. Decide aim and objective of your dairy farming i.e. breeding, number of animals etc.
  2. Have a visit to some commercial dairy farm and have a discussion with farmers about his/her dairy farming system. Visiting farms can give lots of ideas. Try to analyse process deeply.
  3. Contact nearest veterinarians and discuss you idea of farming.
  4. Be always conscious about the availability of food and its costs.
  5. Employ some labours who are hard working with some practical experience and also provide some training for doing some specific job.
  6. Visit your nearest market and have a look at the price and demand of dairy products.
  7. Try to read more and more about dairy farming in India.


Many varieties of Indian and highly productive foreign breeds are available. You can also raise both cows and buffaloes together in separate rows in same cattle shed. Buffaloes milk contains more fat than cows. For profitable commercial dairy products you can try to breed Murrah, Surti, Mehasani, Jaffrabadi, Badhawari etc that are buffaloes breed and Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar that are popular cow breeds. Also, you can go with foreign breeds such as Holstein Friesian, Brown Swiss, and Jersey etc.


As same as human beings, domestic animals also require good housing. For a dairy farm a good housing is essential to keep animal’s healthy, disease free and productive. In a proper housing, you should provide your animals required space inside the house i.e. generally 40 sq ft and also 80 sq ft open space is also required per each cow or buffalo.

For a small scale dairy farm of 20 animals, make sure to have the availability of 3000 sq ft land area. In a medium scale dairy farm of 100 animals, make sure to have the availability of 13,000 to 15,000 square ft land area. And also, make sure of the availability of all types of essential facilities within the house. Facilities include proper ventilation, sufficient flow of fresh air, sufficient space, etc.


Feeding high quality nutritious food provides proper growth and better health of the animal. So, always try to feed with sufficient amount of nutritious food. Add as much as green food as possible with the regular foods because the green food helps animal to produce more milk and helps the producer to reduce the costs on feeding.

Try to have a grazing land for the animals along with some nutritious foods that always provide them with sufficient amount of clean and fresh water. Farm animals require more water than any other animals. While generally speaking, a milk producing animals such as cow or buffaloes requires at least 5 litres of water for 1 litre of milk. So, always try to ensure that you provide with sufficient amount of water.

Care & Management

Animals have to be given good care as it is the prime key of livestock farming business. Thus, you to take good care of the animals and try to keep animals away free from all types of cattle disease by providing the necessary vaccines. For a healthy animal the prime factor is feeding with nutritious food and clean water.


Marketing of dairy products is not a difficult task in India. Dairy product has a huge demand in Indian market. You can easily sell your dairy products in every place of India. So, marketing is not a factor to worry about.

Agricultural land for sale in Anekal

Problems of Dairy Farming in India

Risks are part of any business as we say no pain no gain. Dairy farm also has some risks involved, such as-

  • High expense for feeding is one of the main constraints of dairy farming business.
  • The breeding process of animal depends on several factors as it is a biological phenomenon. Getting the milk depend on the breeding process. 
  • Dairy farming requires hardworking, good care, better management and should be always alert.

As we have said above every business has its own risk. To know more above farming try visit nearby dairy farms and learn more about the farm as much as possible.

Agricultural land for sale in Anekal


The uniqueness of dairy industry in India is it is unlike developed economies. Here it is de centralised. Almost every household has livestock. In the west it is only farms, centralised.

The advantage is cattle get an amount of natural feed which improves milk quality. They are resistant to diseases and also epidemics as foot and mouth disease do not spread to a huge population of cattle. We do not have to hear of culling in large numbers. Likewise, there are some facts and factors beyond the internet.

Agricultural land for sale in Anekal

So, if you are interested in any sort of farming and if are you looking for a land in Bangalore, come visit Agricultural land for sale in Anekal. A land of organic farming!!! “Aranya Farmland”.

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