8 point checklist before buying farmland plots in Bangalore

8 point checklist before buying farmland plots in Bangalore
8 point checklist before buying farmland plots in Bangalore

Farmland plots in Bangalore

Are you looking for farmland plots in Bangalore? India is a land that depends mostly on the agriculture industry for their income. With a huge traditional background of agriculture, we hereby introduce our project of Aranya. Aranya is farmland in Anekal Bangalore that is focusing on providing an organic farmPurchasing a land involves lots of factors to be verified. In this blog let us discuss some important things to remember while purchasing farmland.

Checklist for buying farmland plots in Bangalore  

Here is a check list for any person who is planning to buy a farmland plots in Bangalore. Buying a property involves many risks in these days. Thus, it is necessary to have a well knowledge of all papers to be checked and all issues related to property are solved. Similar land documents exist in all other states in different names. 

When you buy a farmland plots in Bangalore Check the following details:

1.      Know the address:

 Find out exactly where the land is. This involves the survey number, exact size of the land and boundaries of the property. It is important to confirm whether the detail of the land shown on the papers is exactly same as land in real. BBMP will help you in knowing these details. It is very important to get the land surveyed before purchasing the land.    

2.      Classification of the land:

Few laws prohibit purchase of certain types of land. Check out whether the land you are about to purchase is falling under any such prohibited categories. For instance: land allotted by the government to poor, government property, forest land etc are certain prohibited land for purchase. The classification of land can be understood by the help of BBMP or by reading title deed.

3.      The real owner:

Is he/she the real owner? This is a relevant question be asked at the time of purchase of the land. Being a person who owns the land legally is the only person who is legally bound to sell the land. The purchaser gets the same legal rights which the seller has when the land is being sold, if the seller has no legal rights then the purchaser also has no legal rights on land. The title deeds contain the details of the real owner. See all the papers to confirm whether the seller is the real owner. The encumbrance legal agreement mentions the name of the owner and the earlier transaction of the land.  

4.      Land claims and disputes:

Checkout whether any disputes or claims are there on the land to be purchased. Enquiry in BBMP office and also with neighbour near land may reveal any existing claims or disputes.

5.      Sale Deed and Registration:

Get details regarding the sales deed with complete details about the property and particulars regarding the owner. Sales agreement has to be registered compulsorily. Sales unregistered are invalid transaction.

6.     Mutation

Apply to Tehsildar within 90 days from the date of registration in 6A for making changes in the land records and Pattadar pass book and agreement. Application can be even issued after the expiry of 90 days.

7.      Survey and Sub-Division:

Before purchasing the land, get the land surveyed and sub-divided.

8.      Obtain copies of land records:

Obtain certified copies of paper relevant to the purchase of the property. Check every year to ensure that your name is in the record.

Conclusion (Farmland plots in Bangalore)

Buying a farmland or any land involves lots of risk. In a city like Bangalore there are lots of fraudulent activities that happens each day. So, it is necessary that you follow all required arrangements in buying any land or Farmland plots in Bangalore or in any other part of India.

Farmland plots in Bangalore

Organic Farmland plots in Bangalore for sale. With a huge traditional background of India’s agriculture we hereby introduce our project of Aranya. Aranya is a farmland in Anekal Bangalore that is focusing on providing an organic farm. To know more contact us.

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