Future of Farming & benefits of organic farming

Future of Farming & benefits of organic farming
Future of Farming & benefits of organic farming

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Aranya Estates is a Farmhouse in Bangalore Anekal started by a group of companion in construction industry with a prime motive of eco friendly homes in Bangalore. In this blog let us discuss on growing importance of organic farming.

What can be the future of farming?

In medieval periods, almost about 30% of the GDP was from Agricultural industry. But now in present times, it has decreased to 16 to 17%. When you compare in real life scenario, agriculture is the only industry in which they employ at least two-thirds of the population.

Our history shows that our basis of survival was on hunting and farming. If we were just a hunter, the civilization would not have grown. Our ability to grow food from mud was the only reason we have developed to built cities and towns. If we were just a hunter, we would be only running after animals and would not have developed our civilization as we see today.

Wonders of farming

As said previously, farming is the foundation of our civilization. It is really a magic of converting soil into something tasty. Can you imagine of having soil? It would be terrible. Am I right? But the nature helps in converting the soil into wonderful food that makes your healthier.

Thus, Agriculture can be simply explained as transforming soil into something healthier and tastier to have. To know more about organic farming visit Aranya Farmhouse in Bangalore.

Growing population of Human resources

In today’s agriculture sector, the industry has come down to 60%. This means for every 10 person 6 people have to cook. This shows that human resources are not utilized efficiently. In India, our biggest resource available is human resource. Other than this, we still don’t have any other resource. Utilizing our human resources by providing better training and motivation can bring a great output. As well as, if we fail to utilize the human resource it can bring huge disaster.

In today’s lifestyle, many people have understood importance of farming as they have started to cultivate their own healthy food that is free from chemicals. Presently, there are many farmlands that want to promote their organic products as well as wish to increase variety of vegetables available.

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Some factors to consider for better future of farming:

1.      Being organic

Being organic is one of the important factor to be considered. To establish availability of good organic food, it requires innovative thinking and has to focus on producing fruits and vegetable that is healthier. Organic farming relies mainly on labours. As well as, organic farming only requires less water than conventional farming. To know more about organic farming visit Aranya Farmhouse in Bangalore.

2.      Increase output

Try to increase the productivity and efficiency by introducing some innovative technology to reduce cost. This technology can be only introduced by considering the climate, soil and water availability.

3.      Focus on quality

Some surveys on India’s nutrition have found that lack of calories is not the problem of India but it is the lack of nutrition including micro-nutrients. One of the mostly known disease due to lack of nutrients is Cardiovascular disease. Some of the cardiovascular disease maybe due to genetic problem, Pollution, lifestyles, and diet but most of them are said to be caused due to lack of nutrition. 

So for better future it is important to grow fruits and vegetable in an organic way.

Routes to organic farming (Farmhouse in Bangalore)

Presently the farmland is being increasing globally rapidly as we have already discussed above. People have now been focusing more on organic. They are much focusing on producing fruits and vegetables without use of chemicals.

Some of the features of organic farming:

  • Does not harm environment.
  • Helps in minimizing soil degradation
  • Organic farming can help in decreasing the pollution.
  • They help in maintaining fertility.
  • Helps in maintaining bio-diversity.

So, why to farm organically?

People have become aware of the significance of having fresh and healthy products of the soil that are developed naturally which is highly beneficial and expressly fulfilling. The fruits and vegetables are grown in without any use of chemicals.

Natural cultivating is a viable production way, yet it is important to overcome difficulties to grow a farmland in a natural way.

The present trend as of today is that farmers just as other people are encouraging the organic cultivating strategy in their farmland and is receiving more rewards out of it. It is important to deliver more natural nourishment that is gainful and more secure for both the humans and for the earth. Cultivating is a traditional method, joining organic idea’s is a new pattern in cultivating where the city occupants are coming and venturing into the farmland.

Farmhouse in Bangalore


We realize that organic farm is a new concept and the idea has got more encouragement, shoppers nowadays are progressively cautious about their wellbeing and furthermore the food they consume regularly. Individuals are currently increasingly aware about the nourishment they eat; they favour nourishment which is developed naturally.

Aranya Farmhouse in Bangalore helps in promoting organic lifestyle where the vegetables and crops are grown in an organic way. We offer an opportunity to own and manage your own farmland through a sustainable way.

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